Leadership : Buvana Radhakrishnan

Chapter Area : Middlesex County , NJ

Our Chapter Leader

Buvana Radhakrishnan is a Data Management Leader with 15+ years’ global experience in Fortune 500 companies. Known by colleagues for being an action-oriented visionary, Buvana began her entrepreneurial journey in 2021 amidst the pandemic. An important part of her entrepreneurial journey is her commitment to serving the business community.

Towards the end of 2021, she invested in Network Lead Exchange to establish a powerful leads platform that will help the business owners build their network powerbase . She firmly believes that this platform not only empowers the business owners to expand their outreach to potential customers but also position them as trusted business advisors to gain deep rooted business relationships and exponentially grow their customer life-time value. She also contributes to community activities and serves on multiple boards that supports various community organizations.

Our Chapter Message

Welcome to the first chapter in Middlesex County! Members must be experts in their industry with significant experience in their line of work. Our goal is for every member to be a referral partner for each other in order to grow our businesses. *Do you have an established business, and want to add even more clients? *Can you take on more customers? *Do you have lots of connections that you are willing to refer if the situation is right? *Would knowing a group of veterans from a wide assortment of industries benefit you? Fill out a membership application today and let’s discuss the possibilities!